Discover Your Air

Vertical advertisements for a Nike Air Max collaboration with Footlocker.
Filmed on the streets of SoHo in New York City, September 2018.

Role: Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist
Client: Nike, Footlocker   Agency: Bullish   Produced by: Shannon Worley + Evan Worley

Featuring Artists, Musicians and Influencers: 
HaHa Davis, Sheck Wes, LGP Qua, and Fat Joe

“Discover Your Air” was my most recent project with Nike. Social media agency Bullish, approached me to direct, shoot, and edit this campaign. Their concept had a vintage NYC, hip-hop feel to promote a retro Air Max release exclusively at Footlocker. 

Using a cinema camera rotated 90 degrees and a fish-eye lens, I directed a group of rappers, musicians, and influencers around various Soho locations. Filming their individual takes on the product and it's pending release, we captured a series of vertical portraits for the Instagram content that would lead up to the shoe's release. Immediately after the shoot, I worked directly with Nike and Bullish to edit and color-grade the footage to best work within their many 9x16 social media placements. 

Still frames from the project below.

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