Mohinga in Myanmar

“Mohinga” is rice noodle and fish soup commonly served for breakfast in Myanmar. It is considered by many to be the national dish of Myanmar. Over a three week period, a traveler begins to appreciate hot soup in the morning as it prepares the body for the humidity and precipitation to come. Below is a glimpse into everyday life in Myanmar. 


Gold Leaf

Hmwe Paya, or the “Snake Pagoda”


Cooling Off in the Irrawaddy River


Siblings in Front of Their Home and Temple in Mandalay


Monkey on Mt. Popa

A Farmer and Her Child Walk Home from Work


Reclining Buddah in Bago

Burmese Artist, Min Wae Aung




A Padaung Woman at Her Home on Inlay Lake

Unfinished Sculpture


Peanut Farmers


Tayoke-Pyay Temple


Pha Khin - Father

Mi Khin - Mother


Men and Children Work to Cut and Polish Jade Stones in Mandalay


Traditional Burmese Lunch

A Woman Prepares Tea over a Fire in Her Home.


Elephant Bath


Reclining Buddha at the Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda

Hauling Logs for Charcoal


Monsoon Season in the Shan State




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