Google Glass

Agency: Anomaly     Role: Art Director and Photographer    Years: 2013-2014
Creative Director: Jason Musante    Copywriter: Luke Sacherman
Brief: Launch Glass by creating content that highlights functionality as well as style.

“Make Glass Your Own”

Content featuring new frames and sunglass accessories for Google Glass.
Studio and Lifestyle photographs from this Accessory Launch below.


World Wildlife Foundation

Google partnered with WWF to show how Glass can assist researchers in the field while they protect Rhinoceros from extinction in Nepal. 

Glass Explorer: Sabita Malla

Still frames from the film below.


Diane Von Furstenberg

Google partnered with fashion designer DVF to create a set of Glass accessories that included new frames and shades. Product photography captured for Elle Magazine below.


Rocky Mount Fire Department

Glass Explorer: Patrick Jackson

At the station, Patrick splits his time fighting fires and coding new software. He began developing technology in between calls that allowed him to do his job more effectively allowing him to reference building floor-plans, navigate turn by turn to emergency responses, instantly locate the nearest fire hydrant, and reference car schematics for emergency extractions, all hands free.

This Explorer Story was shot entirely through Google Glass.

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