Goal: Document and shoot a courier race from a motorcycle    Year: 2016
Filming Location: NYC’s Chinatown and FiDi.    Role: Director and Cinematographer
Assistant Director: Luis Violante     Additional Camera Operator: Sean Andrade

About ‘Fixed’

Starting in the middle of the night, rival couriers take on ‘Fixed,’ a four mile brake-less sprint. The route conceived by cyclist, Cooper Ray begins in Chinatown and ends at the Oculus in Manhattan

This film serves to promote the gathering of riders in an annual time trial competition.
Still frames, a map and a 60 second cut can be seen below.

60 Second “Sprint”

Four miles though two vastly different neighborhoods.

This route developed with cyclist Cooper Ray and emphasizes varying turns and straight-aways around iconic places and architecture. Handheld footage captured from a Triumph, operated by Luis Violante.


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