We were a couple of spunions on a photo safari/bar crawl exploring each empty town we came across.  Walking around buildings, peaking through boards on a long closed mechanics shop, looking for nothing.

Jeff and I  were in an old hardware store buying four ash trays and a dense book on pre-digital photography for 50 cents.  The book has an entire chapter dedicated to working with lizards.  Anyhow, we’re checking out and the cashier has a radio-scanner running on the shelf behind the register.  I wonder what could be all that chatter and begin to pay attention.  The police are responding to calls describing “two suspicious white males that came into town about thirty minutes ago driving a new white f-150.” I look through the window at our rented pick-up then asked her if she thought they were talking about us. She had an immediate and nervous, “Nope!” 

There were times out in the middle of nowhere where I would think about that saying, “if you don’t belong, don’t be long.”

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